Jon Stephenson spoke at a training seminar for the Texas DWI Defense Lawyers Association on the topic of Boating While Intoxicated.  At this seminar Jon taught other lawyers about how to attack BWI charges.  BWI investigation relies on an even stranger set of "sobriety tests" offered by game wardens around Texas.  These tests include touching your nose with your finger and a hand clapping test.  These tests are not validated and most sober individuals could not pass them.  If you are charged with BWI you need someone to represent you who is familiar with these ridiculous tests.  Many lawyers have never handled a BWI case and are not familiar with these tests.  BWI cases also frequently require knowledge in breath or blood testing.  Jon Stephenson has the training and knowledge to attack these tests as well.  Many people don't even know that being charged with Boating While Intoxicated is every bit as serious as being charged with DWI.  Don't let BWI ruin your career or reputation.