Personal Injury

Individuals who are injured are often taken advantage of by other lawyers and insurance companies.  Our focus at Jon Stephenson Law is to make sure that our clients are receive justice from those that have harmed them and to give them the compensation they deserve.  Most cases never see a courtroom because many lawyers settle cases to avoid trial.  However, the courtroom is where individuals who are harmed can often gain the greatest measure of justice.  Because our experience lies in trying cases in a courtroom, settlement is not our first inclination.  Having the confidence to go to trial can add value to an injury claim when the other side has rarely seen the inside of a courtroom.

Jon Stephenson recently represented an individual injured in a fatal car accident who was sued by the trucking company involved in the accident.  The lawyers for the company claimed he was responsible and sought $1,000,000.00 in damages.  However, by the time Jon Stephenson was done with the suit the trucking company paid a settlement to his client in order to avoid trial.

When you have been seriously injured you deserve to have a lawyer who has the experience to fight back against the those who have wronged you.  Call Jon Stephenson for a consultation today.