Commercial Litigation

When everything you have done to build your company is put at risk by a frivolous lawsuit you need a lawyer who will not hesitate to fight the other side every step of the way.  While many civil lawyers have tried very few cases, Jon Stephenson has tried over one hundred cases in courtrooms across the State of Texas.  When your company is on the line you need someone who is ready, willing, and able to fight both in and out of court.  Jon Stephenson has represented companies dragged into civil litigation and fought for those clients to not only save their companies but to have their reputations restored. 

Jon currently represents a company accused of violations of the False Claims Act and has fought both in and out of court to save that client's business and his good name. 

Last year Jon successfully fought for an individual against one of the leading oil field services companies in the world. We do not back down from anyone.

When your company and your good name are on the line call someone who has experience with these cases and is known for his toughness both in and out of court. Call Jon Stephenson Law today!