Expunctions & Non-Disclosures

“How do I expunge my record?”

 This is one of the most common questions we get on the phone in our office. The question shouldn’t be how, so much as whether. The legal team at Jon Stephenson Law is ready and waiting to handle your expunction, or your petition for non-disclosure, that is, if it is possible to have one in your case.

For every call that we get where we can help a client with an expunction or petition for non-disclosure, we get another where there’s nothing we can do to help the client. Jon and Kaia know the rules for these cases, and they know what is and is not possible. Even if you call and can’t get an answer immediately, they can quickly research and get you an answer, usually within 24 hours, about whether or not they can help clean your record.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions on Expunctions and Petitions for Non-Disclosure. Call our office if you have more!

How long will this take? I have a job interview tomorrow.

We are sorry, but no, we are absolutely unable to get an expunction or non-disclosure order handled on a short time frame. In Harris County, where we work most often, expunctions typically take between two and five months. We have had cases go for over six months before completion, though this is rare. Non-disclosures require only a few weeks from start to finish. Though these timelines differ somewhat between jurisdictions, the general rule is that these proceedings take some time, and it’s best to undertake them as soon as possible after your case is eligible, and when you do not have anything pressing coming up.

What is the difference between an expunction and a petition for non-disclosure?

The way we explain this is from the underlying meaning and purpose of each proceeding. An expunction is essentially the government righting a wrong. If your case is dismissed or you are acquitted, you are eligible (almost always) for an expunction. This is basically the government removing any trace of something that never should have occurred in the first place. Expunging a charge makes it as if it never happened. They take a while, and we can answer all of your questions about the process. Do not wait until you have a pressing reason to clean your record. Call Jon Stephenson Law today to discuss your case.

A petition for non-disclosure is probably closer to what most people think of when they think of an expunction. The idea behind this is that people make mistakes, and sometimes, even when you make a mistake, you should be able to clean your record, so long as you meet certain requirements. A petition for non-disclosure will not erase the charge from existence; it WILL make the charge invisible to employers and the general public. That said, courts and some law enforcement agencies will still be able to access your record. A petition for non-disclosure is subject to highly technical rules, and only appropriate in certain cases at certain times. Call Jon Stephenson Law today to learn if you are eligible to keep your record shielded from potential employers and background checks.

Why did you guys bother telling me that there’s lots of people you can’t help?

As an office, the Jon Stephenson Law team prides ourselves on giving honest feedback and advice. This means that often, when people call in, we CAN NOT help them expunge their case. Expunctions and petitions for non-disclosure are highly regulated and highly technical areas of the law. There is almost always only a yes or no, and there is very little wiggle room. There is no convincing a judge. The only way someone can clean their record in Texas is by doing so under current laws and guidelines.

Other attorneys may take your money before they research your case and then later let you know that the petition did not go through or work out. At the end of your case, these attorneys may or may not refund your money. At Jon Stephenson Law we avoid this at all costs. We do up front research BEFORE we collect your payment to make sure we can handle your case. Jon and Kaia are in the business of helping people, and they are not interested in taking your case (or your money) if they don’t think they can make you happy.

Call Jon Stephenson Law today and let’s determine together whether we can make this happen for you!

Can you expunge or non-disclose my case?

Maybe. There are so many different sets of facts and circumstances involved in these types of cases that it would be impossible to list them all out. Call our office for a consultation, and we will figure it out as quickly as possible.

I know you can’t do anything for my DUI/DWI, but I was just calling to check…

We are glad you asked! DUI and DWI are two charges where the laws on non-disclosures have changed quite a bit. Depending on the circumstances of your case, we may be able to keep these charges from following you around for the rest of your life. Call us today, and we will determine together whether your case is eligible!

I have been charged with / am under investigation for a crime. Can you expunge my last crime before we go to court on the new one?

We have handled cases like this before, and the short answer here is, “Maybe, we hope so!” The key in this case is to call us as soon as humanly possible. The sooner we can get started on your expunction or petition for non-disclosure, the better chance we have of making the old charges unusable for the District Attorney. Speed is of the essence in these cases, so call Jon Stephenson Law immediately to see if we can prevent your decades-old priors from coming into your current case.

Here are some other questions we get that you may have. Please call our office to discuss the answers!

How long will I have to wait before I can get my record clean?

Can I expunge or non-disclose my felony?

Can I non-disclose/expunge a conviction?

Who will be able to see the case after it is expunged/non-disclosed?

How fast can we do my expunction?

I have several charges on my record. What can we do?

We can answer all these questions and more with just a phone call.


Call the offices at Jon Stephenson Law today so we can consult with you about cleaning up your record.