Sex Crimes

Sex crimes by their very nature are a sensitive topic. To be charged with one, let alone found guilty, in today’s society, can mean permanent ostracization. These offenses are very serious, indeed, not only because of their inherent nature, but also because of the severity of the consequences of merely being associated with these charges.

If you have been charged with any offense that is sexual in nature, or if you suspect you or someone close to you may be charged soon, do not hesitate to call the attorneys at Jon Stephenson Law. The sooner we get notice of these types of charges, the sooner we can protect you and your family from the prying eyes of the public, and the more we can do to insulate you from lasting consequences.

Often this type of crime stems from a simple misunderstanding, or from the criminalization of behavior between consenting adults. Even when conduct harms no one, it can still be criminalized, dragging you and your family through the mud in the process. Let us help protect you, and let us help make sure your story is heard. Call the attorneys at Jon Stephenson Law today, so we can start from the beginning at getting you the best possible outcome on your case.  

Many times the evidence in these cases is circumstantial at best, but in order to draw out untruthful testimony or ferret out the truth of the matter, you need attorneys and an investigation team, if need be, who has experience with reading between the lines and deftly handling witnesses during oral testimony. As a prosecutor, Jon Stephenson dealt with literally hundred of witnesses at trial, and he knows just how to find the truth. If you’re not sure where the State’s story is coming from, call Jon Stephenson Law today so we can find out.

Below follows a list of crimes we have experience with and handle regularly. This list is by no means exhaustive, and if you are wondering if we can represent you, call us today for your free consultation.



Sexual Assault

Aggravated Sexual Assault

Indecent Exposure

Human Trafficking


Unlawful Restraint


Public Urination

Sexual Assault of a Minor

Indecency with a Child

Injury to a Child

Possession or Promotion of Child Pornography

Failure to Register

Regardless of which charges you may be facing, the team at Jon Stephenson Law is ready to get behind you and fight to prevent and mitigate any and all potential consequences, and to do so in as quick and discreet a manner as possible. Every case is different, but we understand the need for privacy and speed in these cases specifically. We will do everything we can to shield you and your family from the stigma these cases can bring, and work towards a speedy solution so you can get your life back.

A Note on Sex Crimes in General:

Over the years, Jon and Kaia have both found that many clients charged with crimes sexual in nature can wait to call for their consultation, often to their detriment. We believe the reason behind this is often a wish to avoid judgment in the eyes of their attorney. Let us assure you that no matter what the allegations, we are going to listen to your story and fight for you. When you hire the Jon Stephenson Law Team, you become a part of that team, and we back you from the day we sit down for a consultation through the last day of trial, if that is indeed what it takes to resolve your case. If this is you, if you are concerned with finding a lawyer who is on your side no matter what the State says you did, call us today. We are ready to defend you.