Environmental Crimes

When the unexpected happens, and you or your company are implicated in an environmental crime, it’s time to call Jon Stephenson Law.

We understand that there are many different situations that can give rise to these sorts of issues, many of which are completely unforeseeable and out of your control. For example, a case recently charged here in Harris County involved Hurricane Harvey and a chemical plant. Of course the business could not reasonably foresee that a 1000-year flood, but that didn’t stop the Harris County District Attorney’s Office with charging the business and it’s corporate employees with crimes.

Likewise, if an oilfield employee tries to cover up a mistake, you and your company could end up on the hook for a whole lot of money, or even jail time. If it is a federal charge arising from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the consequences to your bottom line can be absolutely critical.

Businesses can fail before guilt is proven, based solely on the public relations nightmare these crimes can create. Call us immediately, before this happens to you. The attorneys at Jon Stephenson Law are ready to fight for your business and protect you from unfair accusations.

The sooner we are able to launch our own investigation, the better! We may be able to prevent the government from shutting your business down pending investigation. This can gain you valuable months of profit, as well as an opportunity for us to make our own findings in a given situation. Depending on what we find, we may be able to stop charges before they start, and arrest proceedings before you or your employees are indicted.

We know how dedicated you are to your business, because we are dedicated to ours. It is our goal to help you stay up and running and doing your job so we can continue to do ours. At Jon Stephenson Law, our attorneys are experts in minimizing damage. You wouldn’t hire an auto mechanic to audit your taxes, and you shouldn’t hire just anyone to protect your business. Call Jon Stephenson Law today for an accurate assessment of your case, and we can begin right away.