Has your child made a mistake? Are you now living your worst nightmare, unable to protect your child from the law? We at Jon Stephenson Law are parents, too. We understand how frightening it can be when your tween, teen, or college student makes a mistake. We are here to help.

So many juvenile charges arise from simple misunderstandings and miscommunications. Others arise from a single poor choice, or even happenstance. No matter the cause, you need lawyers familiar with the juvenile system specifically, who can protect your son or daughter’s interests under both the Texas Family Code and the Texas Penal Code.

At Jon Stephenson Law we value the family unit and will do our best to both preserve attorney-client privilege and keep you, the parent, informed. Over the years we have developed methods and systems that allow us to both build rapport with young clients, allowing for a certain amount of mentorship and responsibility within their case, as well as systems that help us keep parents in the loop in case we need an assist. We are dedicated to getting your son or daughter into the right programs and helping put them on a path towards success that will continue even after the conclusion of their case.

The attorneys at Jon Stephenson Law are experienced, compassionate, discreet, and zealous. They are ready to protect and fight for your family as they would their own, and they are going to minimize the damage, so your family can continue on with life as they did before any of this happened. Call us today, because the sooner you call, the sooner we can help you get your life and your family back to normal.

What follows is a partial list of juvenile charges we deal with. If you do not see your charges listed, please call us because we likely will still be able to represent your son or daughter, there just is not room to list every charge we represent on our site. Please call us so we can answer questions you may have about your case and start work as soon as possible.

Juvenile Possession of a Controlled Substance

Juvenile DUI

Juvenile DWI

Juvenile Drug-Related Crimes

Juvenile Marijuana Charges

Juvenile Alcohol Charges

Juvenile Burglary

Juvenile Robbery

Juvenile Theft

Juvenile Shoplifting

Juvenile Assault Family Member

Juvenile Aggravated Assault

Juvenile Sexual Assault

Juvenile Gun Charges

Juvenile Weapons Charges

Juvenile Certification

Juvenile Sealing Records

Juvenile Expunctions

Once your juvenile’s case is over, we will work with you to expunge or seal their record. Youthful transgressions and mistakes should not follow them around forever, and we can prevent these issues from cropping up later on.

Even if we did not handle the original case, we have worked with many families to seal and expunge records in preparation for college applications, job searches, and more. If there is a way to clean your son or daughter’s record under the law, we will find it and ensure they get a fresh start and clean slate as they begin their adult lives.

A Special Note for Under 18 Clients:

Juveniles charged with crimes that are considered to stem from adult behavior are at an added risk within the system. “Adult behavior” can be anything from driving to drinking to even operating farm equipment. Even though they are under 18 and still children in the eyes of the law, the state can have them certified to stand trial as an adult, thereby changing their legal status. This is almost never in your child’s best interest, and can sometimes be prevented with early intervention. If your son or daughter is under 18, call us immediately so we can assess their case and do everything we can to keep their legal status as a juvenile. This is truly a matter where time is of the essence, and we are ready to sit down with you to discuss these issues. Do not hesitate. Contact Jon or Kaia today!