Federal Crimes

Are you or your loved one charged with a Federal crime? The attorneys at Jon Stephenson Law are experienced in Federal litigation, and we know the many ins and outs that differ between State and Federal court.

State and Federal court are two different, parallel systems. Some cases originate in the Federal system, while others originate in state court and are taken over by the feds. Cases are handled by two completely different sets of people with different jobs. For example, in the state system, the district or county attorney of the scene of the crime prosecutes. In the federal system, AUSA’s or United States Attorneys, a division of the Department of Justice (DOJ), prosecute cases.

The laws are different, the rules and procedure are different, and the methods of defense are different. The US Attorney’s office boasts over a 90% conviction rate, in part because they get to choose their cases to an extent. If the Feds have chosen to pull your case from State court, you can be assured that they did so at least in part because they think it is a winner for them. If they have picked up your case, you need a lawyer who is used to dealing with this system and who is ready to fight the Federal way on your behalf. Call Jon Stephenson Law today.

In State court, police officers like Houston Police Department, Harris County Sherriff’s Office, and the Texas Department of Public Safety will bring evidence and discovery on your case. The federal investigation system, like the courts, is a fully separate, parallel system. In Federal cases you’ll be investigated by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms), and other Federal entities. These agencies have different operating procedures and different tactics. It is imperative that you call a qualified attorney as soon as possible on your case. You should not discuss your case with any agents if you can avoid it. Let us do the talking for you. We know what to say and how to deal with these people, and we are ready to protect you. Call Jon Stephenson Law today.

Below is a list of federal crimes we have experience dealing with. We have dealt with many of these cases, and because there are many overlaps with the parallel state system the list would be very long. Please call us, even if your case is not listed, because we can likely still take your case on. The sooner you call the Jon Stephenson Law team, the sooner we can work on getting you the best possible outcome in your case.

Possession and Delivery of a Controlled Substance

Drug-Related Crimes

Human Trafficking

White Collar Crime

Insider Trading


Gang-Related Crimes

Cartel-Related Crimes

Weapons-Related Charges

Money Laundering

Possession or Distribution of Child Pornography


If you or someone you love is in Federal custody call us immediately. If you or someone you know is being contacted or investigated, call us today. Many cases begin when someone is a witness and another defendant will try to throw that person under the bus to avoid suspicion themselves. A client may unwittingly speak to an agent and say the wrong thing, or the agent may infer something that the client didn’t say. The point is that government agents are not to be trusted. Unless you deal with these agents regularly and know their tricks, it is best to leave these conversations to a trained professional. Call us today. The attorneys at Jon Stephenson Law are standing by and ready to help.

Most of our pages continually implore you to call us immediately, and with good reason. The attorneys at Jon Stephenson Law strongly believe in themselves and their clients, and they are great trial lawyers. That being said, this is one instance where it is so important to impart information that they will directly advise you on the Federal Crimes homepage.

Even if you do not call our office, please call an attorney with experience in the Federal criminal system. Ask about prior cases specifically. Jon and Kaia have both been in Federal court and watched a perfectly competent lawyer flounder merely because they are not well-versed in the nuances of the Federal courtroom. This may have impacted their client’s outcome. Don’t let that be you. We hope you will call our office for these charges, but whoever you call, make sure they actually have experience practicing in Federal court.